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Just a quick update

Nothing much going on.  Getting ready to head to Vegas for 9 days, but it is for Certification classes and not "fun".  Yes I will get some gambling done but will be in class most days 8am - 8pm.

For those who I am not in frequent contact I am now a private investigator and am in the process of getting my computer forensic examiner certification.  The classes I am attending are through SANS Institute (System Administration, Networking and Security) for GlAC CFE Certification.

Not sure how much work I will get directly related to this, but I have basically been doing it off/on for almost 20 years.  Will post more as things progress.


Better Zac Brown Band Video of "The Wind"


Riots in America


If you have been reading and following the news reports on the Occupy Wall Street Movement you are seeing a lot of "Sexual Assualt" and other crimes being comitted.  What you will also see is the general "bad behavior" of the protesters on local small businesses.  Further, if you read enough, you see that these "camps" are not really "protest"-camps but more reminiscent of "unemployement"-camps from the Great Depression.  Lots of out-of-work, homeless individuals, milling about with nothing else to do.

These individuals, with too much free time, no guidance and no regard or respect for others are destroying personal property, attacking individuals and even going to the extreme of building and using a Molotov cocktail  near the Portland's World Trade Center.(1)

But alas, I may not know exactly what I am talking about since I just read biased newspapers so lets see what someone else is saying about this.


Well I guess that sums it all up.  Talk later, be careful and have fun.



11-02-2011 General Market Musings


Well what about them Greeks?

We want to be part of teh Eurozone Union but we don't want to have any austerity measures implemented.  "Oh can I have my Cake and Pie, Oh and add two scoops of Ice Cream with a cup of Coffee extra cream and jigger of Kahlua?"  Man talk about wanting everything.

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11-02-2011 Metals Market Update


We are seeing metals up again after a run up followed by a down day.  I think we are starting to set up a new base at $1,700 up from $1,650.  I would love to see the metals do a $50 stairstep base development process over the next 2-3 months.  Basically, I would like to see a pattern of higher lows as follows

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