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11 29 2011 Metals Market Update


At the beginning of the month I posted that the $1791 price was nice and I would anticipate a pullback.  Of course, I also said I would not be surprised if it rocketed back to $1900.  At this time we have seen gold pull back to the high $1600's and is currently back above $1700 trading at $1710.  This is a good thing as gold is setting up a good base here in the $1650-$1750 range.   I always like to see more of a stair step price increase versus a straight shot up.  The stops for building new bases is like climbing to the peak of Mount Everest.  A good base camp supported by multiple staging camps.  A good base with good staging areas is what makes it possible to go the last distance to the peak.  Read More

11 07 2011 Metals



Gold jumped 2% to $1791.00 today.   If we get a little pullback at this point it would be a good thing.  But if it goes to $1900 I would not be surprised.

Not going to go into to much today but just to say "NICE MOVE". 

Europe and US are printing more  and more money and no one cares.   Gold will be headed higher, regardless if dollar strengthens.

So... will look at charts and post more later this week.


11 02 2011 Metals Market Update


We are seeing metals up again after a run up followed by a down day.  I think we are starting to set up a new base at $1,700 up from $1,650.  I would love to see the metals do a $50 stairstep base development process over the next 2-3 months.  Basically, I would like to see a pattern of higher lows as follows:

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10 27 2011 Metal market update


I meant to write last week about Greece Bonds paying 100% interest.  But lost track of time.  To many things going on.  Anyway.  What I wanted to say is that apparently potnetial bond holders of Greek Soverign debt are expecting an enourmous chance fo default.  This is due to the fact that the bonds are paying 100% interest.  Here is how I figure this.

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Gold/Silver Update


Looks like on September 26, 2011 we hit an Intra-Day trading low of $1537'ish but closed above $1600. With the big fall from over $1900 we have seen approximately a 15% decline in the price of the metal. Most of this decline was the result of two primary factors. First, was the massive sell-off in equities causing Hedge Funds to get margin calls. These margin calls, forced the Hedge Funds to sell their profitable assets (metals) in order to cover loses in equities. Second, we had the exchanges governing boards raise margin requirements for Gold. Just like when Silver was at $49 an ounce and the margin requirements were raised three times in a row, we have the same thing happening now that Gold is reaching for new all-time highs. Read More - Gold & Silver Investing News


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